Years in the industry and flair for creating innovative tools has led us to develop many, diverse accelerated learning products. Learn-Away products are specifically designed to increase learning and retention and build understanding in easy, fun ways.

Our Instant Training Guides are a great tool if you want to get training straight away, but have not got the time to create your own workshop. Our guides are available on a variety of topics, are easy to follow, include innovative fun activities and everything you need to run a successful training session.

The Learn-Away range of A.S.A.P eBooks provide you with instant knowledge on a variety of learning and training topics. If you are looking for fast information that is easy to digest then these are the books for you.

S.E.E.K. is our innovative training evaluation tool, if you seek more than what your average “Happy sheet” can give, take a peek at S.E.E.K.

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Activity Generator Software – This unique tool is in development and represents many years of research and proven design expertise bundled into an easy to use software program. If you need a training activity, our activity generator will deliver a host of ideas.

Edutainment on line – Have the Learn-Away team teach you from their virtual training room, tons of topics to choose from and download, simple 30 minute lessons you can complete at work or at home.

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