Expert Facilitation

Learn-Away provides the expertise you require to bring success to your workplace learning. Our certified, professional facilitators make training a positive, engaging, informative and memorable experience.

We pride ourselves on connecting with every participant and ensuring everybody learns.

A Learn-Away program facilitator is guaranteed to be FOCUSED

F Flexible, to ensure we address the needs of all in the group.

O Outcome Driven, ensuring the content meets the needs of your business.

C Creative, full of unique ‘learner centered’ activities that encourage participation and ensures learning happens.

U Understood, participants walk away knowing and understanding the material.

S Safe, participants are comfortable to speak up, ask the ‘dumb’ questions and feel supported the entire time.

E Entertaining, stories, humour, art, analogies are a natural part of what we do, participants laugh and learn.

D Dynamic, everyone is involved, all learning styles are catered for, practise time is included.


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