Learn How to Design training

Yes we teach you how to you create aims, objectives and performance criteria.

BUT MOSTLY we focus on teaching you how to design. Effective, Engaging and Easy training sessions!

We are very flexible and like to ensure that what we train meets the developmental goals of the people we are working with rather than offering a standard program. We have a suite of modules that you can choose from and with your help we select and modify these modules to best suit the needs of your people. The modules fall into 3 categories:

DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS - Helping people understand how adults learn so they can build effective learning design.

DESIGN PROCESSES & STRUCTURE – Progressively learning and using a proven training design process that includes: Consulting, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation phases.

DESIGNING FOR LEARNING – Purely about building design and development skills, these modules link key skills in innovation, branding, instructional design, activity generation and meeting diverse learner’s needs for the development of stimulating, results focused learning.

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